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from Redemption of Daeron           by Paul Deane

‘Why?’ she whispered. ‘Who called you here?’
‘Why have you come? I have tried to teach
‘Myself philosophy, fortitude, strength
‘To leave the past in peace, to live
‘On the wave that washes me foaming forward.’
‘But no! Now, the wave withdraws,’
‘My daughter, delight,
   - ‘eclipsed where you stand,’ -
   - ‘occluding my sight.’ -

‘Why? Why have you come?’
   - ‘If only my heart -
   - ‘and my hope were numb!’

‘Why? I wonder too,’ he told her.
‘I have walked by the waters where seabirds circling
‘Call in raucous chorus on the edges of the world.’
‘At night there were nets of stars strewn
‘Across the combers, and the bare beaches
‘Were grey glimmers before my feet.’
‘And I thought of the dead, but her name brought nothing
‘To mind but memories washed out like echoes
‘Of a whisper in a dream. It seemed so strange.’
‘And I thought of thee, and walked through woods
‘Where fireflies flickered like amber eyes,’
‘And wondered why I thought of thee.’
‘Then the king called, asking me make music
‘Fitting for thy daughter’s name.’
   - ‘I rose, and left the waterside,’ -
   - ‘and came.’ -

Copyright © Paul Deane, 1999. All rights reserved.