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A Marriage Poem for Nora and Jamie          George Johnston

North comes the sun for summer            a sending forth
of jubilant flame; he rays out            in regal splendour
nor is it a little he shines on            sweetly,
on all our faces at this wholly            new age-old event,
just the same event that Adam            and Eve
in new-formed innocence adorned            dear originals,
joining in amiable bands            yet blessed hands.
News, at the Border another            knitting together;
again, the genial game between            genders
played not for a paltry stake but restored            paradise
no less. Imagine aiming so high! truly            young Amity
need only shore against            his own too much,
his generous fame and equally            gentle name.
Genius of the day, may he            delaying not
now pour a full blessing            on our pair
their nuptial joys well begun, Jamie and Nora made one.

Copyright © George Johnson, 1990. Originally published in
Endeared by Dark: reprinted by permission of the author.