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Contributor: Eric F.J. Martin

Eric F.J. Martin is a poet living in Presque Isle, Maine.

He writes that he is:

    currently working on a large number of projects, including a small collection of Old English poems in translation, including The Exile's Complaint, The Wanderer, The Seafarer, The Ruined City, Speech of Satan, Norman-Saxon fragment on Death and The Elegy of the Last Survivor from Beowulf. ... other projects include a couple of narrative poems in octosyllabic couplets (The Scythian, Attila, a meditative poem in blank verse (Tomis: A Poem of Exile); a drama in the Classical Greek tradition (Prometheus the Fire-Bringer); and two collections of satirical poems (Midas: A Parable on Criticism, Juvenalia -- free translations of Juvenal's 1st and 2nd satires).